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Delhi, the capital of India, is home to many U bolt manufacturers Delhi, each working around the clock for excellence in their industry. Among those companies, IntelloTech is a leading manufacturer of U bolts and other pipe support solutions. Popular for their high-quality, innovative, and durable products, the company has set the benchmark in the fields. In this blog, we will explore why this company is the best and understand the U bolts and their applications. Let’s dig into it.

U Bolts – A Quick Overview

U Bolt is a U-shaped fastener with threads on both sides to support the pipe system in various applications. Indeed, these components are the simplest and most used pipe support solutions. They are manufactured using stainless steel, copper, or brass and can be available in various sizes. Typically, they work as rest, guide, and hold-down support solutions, via little installation. U bolt’s curved design fits perfectly around the pipes which are then tightened using nuts.

Applications of U Bolts

U bolts offered by U bolt manufacturing company in India are handy and have diverse uses. They are generally usable in automotive, industrial, marine, mining, and construction applications. In fact, U bolts are useful to provide restraint to pipes. They are extensively used in any plant to support bare pipes about 8 inches in size. These fasteners are capable enough to control line vibrations by providing sternness to the pipe system. Hence, U bolts are the best choice for supporting vertical extended pipe runs in different application areas.

Key Consideration When Buying U Bolts from U Bolt Manufacturing Company Near Me

Numerous factors need consideration when buying U bolts. One of the vital factors to consider is the material used to make the U bolt. If you want to install this fastener in a space having excessive moisture, then go for corrosion-resistant materials such as brass, and stainless steel. Moreover, you should keep the size in mind because if the U bolt is too big or small, it won’t fit appropriately. Another factor to consider is that the threading on both ends will be the same whatever component you use. This is necessary because the similar threading on both arms allows them to fit perfectly when screwing them. Now the most important factor to consider is to choose a reputed U Bolt Manufacturing Company in India like IntelloTech.

Get the Best and Affordable Pipe System Solutions

You will find IntelloTech name on the top of the list when you search for a U bolt manufacturing company near me. The company understands that different application areas require diverse specifications. Hence, they offer customizable U-bolt options to the customers. Furthermore, they use progressive coating technologies to provide extra coverage against corrosion. With an emphasis on quality and perfection, our pipe system solutions are preferred for their performance and durability. We only utilize the best-grade steel to ensure our U bolts resist high pressure and severe environmental conditions.

Why You Should Choose IntelloTech, One of the Top U Bolt Manufacturers Delhi

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us – the best U bolt manufacturing company in India:

  • Our pipe support solutions including U bolts are available at a cost-effective price.
  • We are capable of meeting tight deadlines.
  • All our products are of high quality and durable.
  • Our pipe support solutions work under every harsh circumstance.
  • We manufacture customizable solutions as per the customer’s requirements.

Summing Up

IntelloTech stands out as one of the leading U Bolt Manufacturers Delhi, providing top-quality, reliable, customizable, and affordable pipe support solutions. Our pledge to technological innovation, quality, and consumer gratification makes us a reputed premium solution provider in the industry. If you are looking for a U bolt manufacturing company near me to get the best quality and durable pipe support solutions, then you are at the right place. We are just a call away. Connect with us and get the best support solution for your pipe system.


Q. What is the usage of U bolts?
Ans. U bolts pipe support solutions are used in industrial, automotive, plumbing, marine, construction, sanitation, fire fighting, solar plants, etc.

Q. How to choose the perfect size U bolt?
Ans. To choose the right size, you should consider a few factors such as pipe diameter, length of arms, and load requirements.

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