Hold Fast Frame Clamp

Hold Fast Frame Clamp

INTELLOTECH Hold-fast clamps provide enduring support for doors and window frames, addressing common issues caused by inadequate support. Engineered for lifetime durability, they alleviate problems often encountered with standard frame support, ensuring sustained reliability and stability for doors and windows.

Good quality Wood, Glasses, Locks, Finish, Handles, Hinges,Doors Stopper, Door closer, L- Drops etc. but POOR QUALITY HOLD FAST.

  • Protection from jamming of doors and window panel due to expansion of frames during rainy season.
  • Protection from cracking of glass panel due to expansion of frames.
  • Protection from breeding of insects and termites in the gap formed by shifting of frame due to expansion during the rainy season.
  • Protection from locks and hinges becoming non-functional due to expansion or contraction of door and window frames.


Dimension Chart

Reference Hold Fast Size Material used Thickness in
mm inch mm
CFC-4ZG 100 4″ Steel C.R. Sheet Zinc Plated 2
CFC-6ZG 150 6″ Steel C.R. Sheet Zinc Plated 2
CFC-6ZP 150 6″ Steel C.R. Sheet Zinc Plated Extra Heavy 3
CFC-9ZP 225 9″ Steel C.R. Sheet Zinc Plated Extra Heavy 3
CFC-4SS 100 4″ AISI-304 (18/8) Stainless Steel 2
CFC-6SS 150 6″ AISI-304 (18/8) Stainless Steel 2


Installation Picture

Application Area

  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial building
  • Industries
  • Dairy