Stone Cladding Clamp

Stone Cladding Clamp

The Stone Cladding Clamp by INTELLOTECH is a robust solution designed for secure and efficient installation of stone cladding panels. With its sturdy construction and reliable grip, this clamp ensures precise alignment and steadfast attachment of stone panels to various surfaces. Engineered to withstand the weight and pressure of stone materials, it offers a dependable hold, reducing the risk of slippage or damage during installation. Whether for architectural enhancements or construction projects, the Stone Cladding Clamp delivers confidence and durability, streamlining the process of adding elegance and strength to structures with stone cladding.

  • Product Material : SS-304
  • Material will be available on request SS-316


Dimension Chart

Reference Width X Thickness
CMC-01 25 X 2.5
CMC-02 25 X 2.5
CMC-02 30 X 3.00
ITTF-01 8 X 50
IT-SC-01 25 X 2.5
IT-SC-02 25 X 2.5
IT-SC-03 25 X 2.5
IT-SC-04 50 X 4


Installation Picture

Application Area

Perfect right angle for neat & clean installation in wet/dry Wall mounted applications.