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IntelloTech is the well-known and trusted name of the top HVAC clamp manufacturers across India. We are known to always provide a wide range of goods and services to fulfill our business clients’ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements. In our client list, we have various industry customers such as builders, mall owners, manufacturing industries, universities, schools and so on. They always benefited from our genuine services and products. Firstly, we offer them our clamp manufacturing services. In this, we develop, engineer, and manufacture HVAC clamps for various uses. Clamp, base u-clamp, base u-clamp for a gas pipeline, clevis hanger, connection clamp, pipe support split clamp, and also slotted base included in our product list.

Hence, those business owners who interested in working with the genuine and top plumbing clamp manufacturer in Delhi can contact us at our phone numbers anytime.

Define IntelloTech is one of the top HVAC clamp manufacturers in India.

Our company is known as India’s top HVAC clamp manufacturing firm and trusted for the quality of its products. Those companies or businesses that have joined for several years, know that we always guarantee that all of our products meet top industry standards. Because all of our various types of products undergo rigorous quality control processes, we ensure that our clamps are durable, reliable, and capable of withstanding the demands of HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) in various environments. Moreover, as a well-developed HVAC manufacturing firm, we can offer customisation services to tailor our clamps to specific customer requirements. In this, we involve adjustments in size, material, load capacity, and also some other specifications to ensure optimal performance in different HVAC installations. Thus, our customers always get the only genuine and new range of HVAC clamps in Delhi and across India.

List of the top 5 important and professional services offered by IntelloTech

1. Technical Support: As a well-established HVAC clamp and Clevis hanger manufacturer, we always provide technical support to assist our customers with product selection, installation guidelines, and troubleshooting. Also, we offer them a few important resources, such as technical datasheets, installation instructions, and online support channels, to address customer inquiries.

2. Supply Chain Management: In our firm, we use effective supply chain management systems to ensure that items are delivered to clients on time. This includes managing inventory, logistics, and also distribution networks to satisfy the needs of HVAC contractors, wholesalers, and distributors.

3. Training for HVAC Experts: Our whole team of manufacturers can provide training programmes and educational materials to help HVAC professionals improve their knowledge and abilities in clamp selection, installation procedures, and best practices. Hence, this contributes to the appropriate usage and installation of clamps for maximum system performance and safety.

4. Product Innovation and Development: We have especially spent largely on research and development in our firm. This allows us to continually enhance our products and develop creative solutions to meet the changing demands of the HVAC sector. We include introducing innovative materials, designs, or technologies to improve the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of HVAC clamps.

5. After Sales Support: Providing after-sales support services to help our clients with any problems or concerns they may have after purchasing their items is an essential part of our services. This includes warranty services, replacement components, or technical support to ensure customer happiness, as well as the clamps’ long-term dependability.


Consequently, we hope that you are all satisfied with our topic. Here, we have discussed that IntelloTech provides the best services for HVAC clamp manufacturing all over India. Also, in our company, you can get the always new and best quality range of these items at the best prices. Hence, interested professionals looking for the top HVAC clamp manufacturers, can contact us to get our services anytime.


Q. Who is the biggest manufacturer of the Clevis hanger clamp in India?
Ans. IntelloTech known as India’s biggest clevis hanger clamp manufacturer and provides the best quality products at reasonable prices.

Q. Which types of clamps are manufactured by IntelloTech?
Ans. They known to manufacture and supply different varieties of clamps, and a few of their types are listed here:

  • Base u-clamp for gas pipeline
  • Clevis hanger
  • Connection clamp
  • Pipe support split clamp
  • Slotted base
  • Slotted strip
  • Sprinkler hanger
  • Stone cladding clamp
  • U bolt
  • U clamp